Trygg Out Fishes Dad!

Dear Smoke N Fish,

Thanks for letting me share our story!

August 28th, 2019, Trygg and I decided to go for a quick fishing trip to Lockport after supper.

It must have been a good meal because Trygg, my four year old son was sleeping before we left the city. It was also a Wednesday, so fortunately for us, not too many people were there. I didn't want to wake Trygg up right away so I drove right down to the end of the point at the flood way.

Congrats to 4 year old Trygg on this awesome catch!

I had just finished setting up our spot and gear when Trygg woke up and came down the 20ft from the jeep to our spot. I put on the bait and set a cast far out for both of us and it wasn't 5 minutes before his rod started dancing.

Trygg caught TWO fish before I caught my first and then one right after so we had landed four in the first half hour!

As is typical with fishing, it died off for about an hour and as a typical 4 yrs old Tyrggve is, he started climbing rocks and yelling at the pelicans when his rod just about bent in half with no warning.

I called him over quick but he couldn't get his rod out of the holder so I helped him get it out and knew right away this was a big one. I kept one hand on the rod just to help keep the tip up and because it wasn't a cheap rod. This Cat pulled line out 4 or 5 times and took Trygg about 20 minutes to bring in!

My son weighs just over 40 pounds and that fish was easily over 25! He was pretty tired after cranking that one in and there was no way he could lift it so that's why he's pictured with it in his chair.

I've caught thousands of cats at Lockport in the 15 years I've fished there and if I had bothered I probably would have been a specialist a few times over so I'm trying to qualify that I think that was a master but without any real proof. The pic doesn't really do the fish justice but I don't like to keep them out of water any longer then it takes to remove the hook and snap a picture. Catch and release is something I'm really trying to pass on to Trygg.

But the count for the day? Dad 2 - Trygg 4!

Smoke N Fish : Thank you so much for sharing Trygg's super catch, and we'll be excited to meet to him sometime in the store! Way to go Trygg!!!

Safe Fishing and keep reeling them in!

Smoke N Fish

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