Sophia's first fishing with Baba and Papa

Dear Smoke N Fish,

My wife and I have been frequent fliers at your store and really appreciate the hard work, knowledge and friendly service you guys have! I wanted to share a story that my wife and I recently (few weeks ago) experienced.

L-R: Baba (Dawn), Sophia @ 3yrs, Papa (John)

Wow what a special day that turned out to be!

So here I was, in the power tool dept (what else is new lol ) and my phone rings with the sweetest little voice at the other end that said...

“Papa, can you and Baba take me fishing today so I can try my new fishing rod?“

Wow, here’s a grown man looking at a new saw with tears welling up in my eyes thinking how crazy sweet is that ?!?

So for the first time ever, we took our little granddaughter fishing off a friends dock on Netley Creek. We didn’t catch anything but a couple nibbles but Sophia sat for 2 full hours trying and even decided on her own that maybe a different jig may help . Such a proud and special moment that will last a lifetime! And she said that she had fun and wants to try again . Taking a interest in this hobby / sport at only 3 warrants as much encouragement as possible and the wife and I are so happy and excited to oblige .

Happy day and real precious memories. Thanks for letting me share it with you Smoke N Fish!

Smoke N Fish : Thank you so much for sharing and we'll be excited to meet little Sophia in the store! Make sure to send in the picture of her first catch!

Safe Fishing and keep reeling them in!

Smoke N Fish

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