Manitoba Big Ones - Walleye / Manitoba Greenback!

Walleye can be found predominantly in Canada and the Northern US. Having said that, no one has our own Manitoba Greenback! Take a peek and some of the monsters coming out of our waters! Thanks for submitting everyone and keep them coming in so I can share!

Glen landed this beautiful Walleye out on the Red!

Big smiles from Lorraine on landing this huge Walleye! (Red River)

Gerry landed this Walleye out on Lake Winnipeg out by Balsam!

Dan got this beauty off the Red!

Thomas sent in this Master Angler Walleye at 29"! It turns out that Thomas and his brother were fishing by us at Breezy on Saturday! GREAT catch and I hope you submitted your MA online!

This is Thomas's fishing buddy, his brother Shane also catching a big one! Great to see you guys having an awesome time together out on the water and GREAT hearing hooping and hollering knowing someone landed a big one!

Brandon submitted this 29" Walleye caught on Lake Winnipeg by Hillside Beach!

Jordan got this beautiful 28" Walleye on Lake Winnipeg

I personally REALLY enjoy this blog and hope you keep sending in your fish catches to me so I can share your great times - thanks so much everyone!

Safe fishing and keep reeling them in!


Smoke N Fish

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