Manitoba Big Ones - The Cat Fish!

I did a little reading as of late and apparently Manitoba is the Channel Cat Fish capital of the world! Just take a little scroll and look at the some of the monsters coming out!

Chelsea sent this 38" beauty in! She says this was her first time cat fishing and spent the day pulling in one after another! (Lockport area)

Steph caught this monster 35.5" Cat out on the red raving about our Nate's Bates Minnows!

Kara says this was her first time ever fishing for catfish and the biggest fish she's ever caught! She picked up this big one by the Lockport Dam.

Gary and Kurt nailed these monster cats double header style using Smoke N Fish shrimp! I have to be honest, this is the first double header in cats I've seen!

Dominic submitted his 12 yo daughter Lucy's monster Catfish catch. Dad says : "She battled this Red River Sumo Kitty! Best fishing day ever!" Way to represent for the women out there Lucy!

Andrew sent in this 36" Catfish he nabbed at Lockport!

Don sent this monster Catfish (33.5") in. His 13 yo son Connor caught it (seen in the picture) and is said to be the best fishing partner a dad could ask for!

Ryan caught this Catfish (36" x 27lbs) out at Lockport with rigs he picked up at Smoke N Fish!

I personally REALLY enjoy this blog and hope you keep sending in your fish catches to me so I can share your great times - thanks so much everyone!

Safe fishing and keep reeling them in!


Smoke N Fish

email your fish brags to

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