Manitoba Big Ones - Different varieties!

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

There's nothing like spending some time out on the open water either by ones self just taking in the solitude of mother nature with the line in, or with friends and family sharing a good laugh or two! At the end of the day, if it's been a safe one - then it's a good one!

Some of you have started submitting some pictures for this blog and it's much appreciated - sharing your time, your catches and your good company! Take a look below at some of the amazing fish being caught in our Manitoba waters!

Ginette got this gorgeous Sturgeon out at Pine Falls!

Andrew sent in this 26" Fresh Water Drum caught by the Selkirk Bridge

Morgan sent in this 53" Lake Sturgeon caught in Pointe Du Bois! You don't see these everyday!

Jordan W. sent this monster 18" in, caught at Reynolds pond

Doug caught this awesome Freshwater Drum out at Breezy. Doug says he's only been fishing for 2 years now - quick learner!!! I'm thinking you've got the fishing bug now!

I personally REALLY enjoyed this blog and hope you keep sending in your fish catches to me so I can share your great times - thanks so much everyone!

Safe fishing and keep reeling them in!


Smoke N Fish

email your fish brags to

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